Some nice things said by some nice people:

“Julian really added a positive attitude to the set.  No matter what was going on he was up-beat with a strong positive vibe.  Even on tough days when you could tell he was really up against it, he was still bright and enthusiastic with everyone.  I was glad to have him in the crew and I certainly intend to use him again.”

Noel Clarke (Writer & Producer) – ‘Storage 24’

“Julian’s tracks cut together seamlessly and much ADR was avoided even in difficult situations due to his adept placement of the iso/clip mics.  Even when the mix-track initially raised concern, we were almost always able to go to an iso-track in the edit and keep the original performance for our director.  I can highly recommend Julian’s work”.

Bjørn Schroeder (Post Production Sound Supervisor) – ‘Breaking the Bank’

“Julian is a professional, experienced Production Sound Mixer and a genial team player; having worked with him many times I would highly recommend him for any project”.

Lucy Baxter (Managing Director) – Mandrake Films



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