So, after 18 years in the job I have joyfully tackled just about every production audio area there is.
From large O.B game shows and reality rigs, live music mixing and commercials, to international feature films, V.R surround and documentaries; I’ve done it all.  I’ve filmed in 43 countries so far, in all kinds of conditions, from the deep Saharan desert to the high seas and with a grin on my face the whole time; I revel in my work.

I have a drama trolley kit, a trusted and experienced sound team and a crew van to trundle around in with them too; I’m always geared up for the next challenge be it rapid run around or 30+ radio mics.

I’m currently based in South London with another base in Hastings but clearly, have mic, will travel.

I’m always happy to chat through a technical question or help work something out, so by all means drop me a line.



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